Coffee shops are found all over in major cities, particularly Starbucks in New York and Dunkin' Donuts in Boston. hOwever, there are still pockets of these cities that are underserved by the major chains. In this project, I explored the relationship of coffee-chain deserts and clusters with respect to each city's geography and social characteristics. The results show that Starbucks is statistically more selective than Dunkin' Donuts in choosing where to locate stores. Starbucks chooses locations that are whiter and wealthier, along with preferring commercial centers. Dunkin' Donuts tends to be more evenly spread through cities, but avoids neighborhoods of extreme wealth or poverty.

University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2011

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Manhattan Coffee Chain Map  

Manhattan Coffee Heat Map  

Boston Coffee Chain Map  

Boston Coffee Heat Map  

Median HH Income vs. Coffee, NYC  

Median HH Income vs. Coffee, Boston  

Coffee vs. Transit & Zoning, NYC  

Coffee vs. Transit & Zoning, Boston