The Central Northeast is a district that is halfway between city and suburb. Situated within the Philadelphia city limits, the district sits 8 and a half miles northeast of Center City and is home to approximately 50,000 residents. With a growing and diverse community, the Central Northeast is struggling to find its self-identity. The district boasts excellent health care facilities and has Pennypack Park just beyond its doorstep, but is plagued by poor retail and commercial opportunities, an aging housing stock, and a dangerous high-volume thoroughfare (Roosevelt Boulevard) running along its edge. The vision is to create the ideal balance of city and suburb by celebrating ethnic diversity, improving local shopping, creating a greener open space network, improving travel options and safety along Roosevelt Boulevard, and emphasizing transit-oriented development. My colleagues and I hope to redefine the Central Northeast as a place that residents will be proud to call their home.

The full report was the product of a semester's worth of study, research and design, compiled together into a final collaborative report. Our findings, analysis, and proposals were presented to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission at the University of Pennsylvania in April, 2011. We hope that our plan will help to influence future planning decisions and policies in Philadelphia's Central Northeast, as well as the rest of the city, for Philadelphia 2035.

Seen here are some the graphics that I created for the final neighborhood plan, corresponding to our improvement plans for Roosevelt Boulevard and Castor Avenue. You can also download the full report below.

University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2011

Download Full Report
Download Castor Avenue Tearsheet
Download Cottman Avenue Station Tearsheet

Cottman Avenue Station Plan View with BRT

Cottman Avenue Station Plan View with Light Rail (Phase 2)

Cottman Avenue Station Section View

Rhawn Street Station Section View

Castor Avenue Proposed Future Plan View

Castor Avenue Proposed Future Section View at Typical Bus Stop

Castor Avenue Proposed Future Section View at Typical Mid-Block

Castor Avenue Proposed Future Streetscape Rendering